7 Meditation Tips for Beginners

In theory meditation sounds easy! All you have to do is sit still and think about nothing. How on earth could this be so daunting for so many? Well, it is and I was part of that apprehensive group a four years ago. How could doing nothing be so difficult? Just the thought of it caused me actual anxiety…. The exact opposite of the entire purpose of meditation. Before you give up without even trying, give these simple tips a try!


Start small – The thought of sitting down for a half hour of silence with your own thoughts can be very scary. The good news is you only need a minute! You can meditate for a short or long a time as you want. Start with a minute and work up to five and ten. You will be more comfortable as you get used to it and as you enjoy it more you will only want to do it longer!


Get comfortable – Many people think you have to sit in the lotus position and that can be uncomfortable on your knees and back if you aren’t flexible or used to the posture. More good news! You can meditate in any position. Sitting in a chair, lying down (flat and straight spine), standing and even walking! The idea is to be comfortable and mindful of yourself and how your body feels.


Don’t force it – Meditation is a practice, take it easy! Whether you are doing a silent meditation, body scan or guided (amongst the many types out there), be kind to yourself. Thoughts will come into your mind, that is ok and normal, once you become mindful of the thought gently let it go and bring your focus back to your breath/mantra or guide. 


Do a guided meditation – These are wonderful and so helpful for beginners as well as advanced meditators. Guided meditations offer gentle coaching, reassurance, and inspiration. 


Get the App – There are wonderful apps out there that have amazing features like timers, guided meditations, courses, relaxing music, courses and meditation sections for kids. A few of my favorites are Insight Timer, 10% Happier, and Calm. 


You can do it anywhere – It doesn’t matter where you meditate. To start it may be helpful for some to have a quiet space but you can really do this anywhere. If you’re traveling or something comes up in the morning, you can do meditation in your office. You can meditate in the park, during your commute, as you walk somewhere. Your whole day is full of spaces to meditate, just pick one and go for it. 


Smile – When you’re finished with your one minute, two minutes, or twenty, smile. Be grateful that you had this time to yourself, that you stuck with your commitment, and that you showed yourself the love and care that you deserve! 

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  • Donna Braff
    Posted at 20:43h, 23 September Reply

    Great tips! Thank you so much for posting. I will definitely need to start working on some meditation with working and going back to school. ☺️

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