I’m Becca, and I am a certified  life coach based in Arlington, Virginia.


As I mentioned, I struggled for years to find any kind of joy in life. But, I did all the “right” things.” Earned a masters degree. Got a prestigious, high paying job. Bought a home. Sounds good, right? On paper, yes. But, in actuality, I was miserable.


I became obsessed with trying to solve this puzzle. I searched and searched for answers to the questions I continually asked myself:


Why am I so unhappy?


Why am I anxious? Why don’t I feel more…confident?


What the hell is missing?


How can I fix this? Can I fix this??


I always felt like I was grasping at the next thing that was supposedly going to solve all of my perceived problems.


If I just moved to another city or didn’t have sick family members or left my toxic work environment or made new friends or got married…surely my life would be better. Surely I’d be happy and fulfilled and everything would be great. 


So, I would pull myself up until something else would knock me right back into my “life is crap” mode.  I say that because my father actually owns and wears a shirt that says “Life is Crap.”



Nobody should go through life thinking that it’s crap.  But, I did. And, I tried everything to change my outlook.


I took an 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction class, became a transcendental meditation student, read every self-help book out there, went on yoga retreats, started Reiki, dabbled with different types of extreme workouts, tried cleanses, nothing was really making any real difference.  I felt like I was all over the place. I lacked clarity and direction and I felt paralyzed, not knowing what to do next.


I completely missed the signs getting stronger around me to wake up.


Finally, I realized that I needed to stop looking outside for a magic fix and turn that energy inward.


I became fiercely intentional about my life. I learned how to manage my energy through my thoughts, feelings and actions, and things quickly started to change.


I have been on both ends of the spectrum and I can tell you that when you know how to live with intention and manage your energy, you will lower your stress and anxiety, live with purpose, and create an amount of freedom and happiness that you never thought possible.