Are You in Need of a Digital Detox?

In this day and age, we are expected to be more available than ever! Multiple phones, computers, watches, tablets, it seems like everything around is “smart” now. Dinging and ringing, alerting to this and that, it can be extremely overwhelming. It’s great to stay in touch with friends and family but being in touch can quickly turn into a bit of an obsession. As I always say, there is no such thing as multitasking! Research has shown that with the ever-present existence of electronics, the average American’s attention span has dropped over the past decade from 12 seconds to a mere 8. This is shorter than the attention span of a goldfish. There are serious drawbacks to always being “on.” From heightened anxiety to higher blood pressure, technology can be a serious source of stress! But you don’t have to give up all your screen time, just let the white knuckle grasp you have on your phone go. Here are a few tips to better your relationship with technology:


  1. Designate Dinners Tech Free: I can’t help but notice every time I’m out how many people are on their phones. Sometimes I have watched whole families on their phones at a table. No one talking, no one paying attention to each other. Make the effort to put phones away and BE PRESENT. Ask how each other’s day went and truly listen. Have a discussion and be happy with the quality time you are getting with each other!


  1. Turn Off Push Notifications: Receiving constant notifications is quite distracting! It’s important to feel settled and maintain your focus throughout the day. Although it is nice to feel informed, checking your device at a scheduled time will reduce the burden.


  1. Tech Free Bedroom: Calming your rest area is super important. One of the first things people seem to reach for these days is their phone in the morning, as many use it for an alarm. How easy is it to switch to scrolling Instagram or Facebook after hitting that off button? Try using a regular old alarm clock and leave your phone outside the bedroom while you sleep. Also while you are cozied up to your phone in bed, who are you not cozied up to? Again, be present for your loved ones. Maybe make a baby.


  1. Remember Paper: Do you remember how satisfying it is to read a book? If you have noticed this feeling versus reading a tablet you are not alone! Research suggests that reading on paper allows our minds to process information more effectively. Not only that but it offers few distractions and can help calm your brain for falling asleep more soundly.


  1. Designate Technology Free Hours: Many of us feel like our phones are an extension of our bodies, but taking a break from technology can do wonders for our entire well-being. Start small with an hour during the day. Take the time to have lunch or dinner but be mindfully present for the activity you have chosen during that time! This will lower anxiety throughout your day and eventually you may expand the tech free time.


If you’re looking for a customized way to reduce your time on your devices, organize your thoughts, or learn techniques to make your day to day a little lighter, I’d love to help. Schedule a free clarity call with me today by clicking here or shoot me an email at

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